Oaxaca en Utah


About Us

Oaxaca en Utah Mission

Our mission is to celebrate, share, and perpetuate the vibrant cultural heritage of Oaxaca by delivering diverse events and programs that ensure its traditions flourish and are embraced by future generations.


Our vision is a flourishing community that is deeply connected to its roots, where the unique flavors, traditions, and educational richness of Oaxacan culture are the cornerstone of our collective identity and a beacon for cultural engagement and pride.


To foster a robust network of cultural preservation, educational enrichment, and active community engagement within the Oaxacan community, broader Latino populations, and all residents of Utah, thereby ensuring the vibrant traditions and heritage of Oaxaca are celebrated, understood, and valued across diverse communities.


  • Cultural diversity


  • Inclusivity and equality


  • Education and learning


  • Community engagement


  • Collaboration


  • Accountability


  • Peace

Background Story

My name is Norma Carver, I am the founder and president of the nonprofit organization Oaxaca en Utah. My journey in Utah began in 2008, and at that time, I felt like a stranger in a new land. I am from Oaxaca, Mexico, and before coming to Utah, I had been living in Wisconsin with my family until my marriage brought me to Kaysville…

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