Oaxaca en Utah


Help our Youth

Donating to Oaxaca en Utah supports youth by preserving cultural heritage and enhancing opportunities.


Join our workshops

Explore workshops on alebrijes, piñatas, and more with Oaxaca en Utah, enhancing cultural skills.


Join our group and volunteer

Join Oaxaca en Utah to volunteer, enrich cultural connections, and empower community youth.


Our Mission

Is to celebrate, share, and perpetuate the vibrant cultural heritage of Oaxaca by delivering diverse events and programs that ensure its traditions flourish and are embraced by future generations.

Our Vision

Is a flourishing community that is deeply connected to its roots, where the unique flavors, traditions, and educational richness of Oaxacan culture are the cornerstone of our collective identity and a beacon for cultural engagement and pride
About us

Norma Carver, founder of Oaxaca in Utah, unites Oaxacans through cultural events and community growth.

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